residential modular
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Fully customizable to suit any size or configuration.  You select your color palette from an array of custom paint and stain colors.  We will guide you through the steps to customize and create your own personalized structure and outdoor space.
Our full-service approach to your project includes Design Assistance, Computer-Generated Visualizations for your review and approval, Building Permit processing, and full installation at your project site, all included for one low price.
An "ADU" or "DADU" (zoning code acronyms meaning Accessory Dwelling Unit, or Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit) is another term for a Backyard Cottage.  Most local jurisdictions now allow homeowners to add a Backyard Cottage to their existing lot, adjacent to their primary home.  This separate residence may be rented to a third party for rental income, or may be used by the Property Owner while the Primary Residence is rented or used by others.
Each project is designed, configured, and crafted to suit each Homeowner, project site, and program requirement.  This is one example of a cabin designed for the remote wilderness west of Brewster, Washington.